We want to bring you the Traditional Lantern from the Philippines which is beautifully hand-crafted out of Seashells, hand-painted and most importantly, can be delivered to your doorstep!

Online Parol Shop – Parol Event in Luxemburg!

Parol Shop in Germany

Online Parol Shop brings you the traditional Filipino Christmas Parol to Germany, Luxemburg, and West Europe. This joyful Christmas design belongs to Filipino Christmas custom. Each parol is handmade by Filipino in Pampanga, Philippines. We take handmade seriously.

Many products today can be made quicker and less expensive using machines and manufactured products like in China. We feel that it’s crucial to stay real to nature and use natural products and produce them individually by hand, much like they have provided for several years.

We offer quality products from small Filipino producers. They are cottage-industries, homegrown family and neighborhood businesses from the small towns of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. We buy from genuine individuals and assist them to supply a living on their own and their neighborhoods. We consult with the makers of these products and together, we come up with some unique designs and product to enable a company that can assist support the entire community.

Parol from Luxembourg

Parol in Beckerich, Luxemburg!

“Perfect! I will display this Parol outside my home as early as December 1, thank you for your delivery and I feel it is going to be an awesome Christmas”

Parol ordered by Ms. Sarrah was finally delivered into their beautiful home.
Thank you and it was nice meeting you and your lovely daughter. Online Parol Shop would like to thank you for ordering your Parol with us and your hospitality

Parol in Luxemburg

Mr and Mrs Mueller - Online Parol Shop first Parol Customer

“Finally, Online Parol Shop made my Christmas came true! I’ve always wanted to hang Parol in our home Germany, but I couldn’tĀ find it anywhere. Online Parol Shop made it possible to bring Parol here in Germany and Parol in Luxemburg” – Mr. and Mrs. Mueller


Online Parol Shop would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Mueller for ordering Parol with us

Parol in Germany